• Tridia is a leading provider of cybersecurity services; including vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, IT security audits, security training, consulting and more.
  • Our professionals are some of the most qualified experts leading the information Security field. We have expertise, experience and the ability to understand and prevent the security threats of today, and tomorrow.


Tridia has been developing extremely sophisticated, patented software technology for over twenty years. This development has involved integrating with the operating system kernel and TCP/IP network architecture– the components that make up the very core of the internet. This experience gives the TCG team a unique insight into the world that hackers roam. We have the inside knowledge to identify vulnerabilities and mitigate them, foiling the hackers.


Our team of professionals brings with them a the highest level of technical knowledge. TCG professionals have extensive knowledge of internet-base applications and protocols gained from years of training and software development. Our software development efforts have often given us source code level knowledge to the server environments, the networking infrastructure, and Internet applications. We know more about the systems and networks than the hackers who are trying to exploit them. In the war against cyberthreats, knowledge is power.


Tridia is not some start-up thrown together by a couple of greenhorns in their garage. We have a long track record of success. We have thousands of customers worldwide. Our products are installed on hundreds of thousands of computers across many industries, typically on mission critical applications and servers. We know what we are doing and have the track record to prove it.

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