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DoubleVision® Pro allows you to take remote control of any console, ssh, telnet or terminal session and quickly resolve support or administrator issues.

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  • Frustrated Users?
    Are your users frustrated with how long it takes to resolve support UNIX or Linux server and application issues?
  • Users Not Logging Off?
    Need to be able to remotely log off a user after they have gone home so the end-of-day processing can complete?
  • Console Access?
    Need to access the console to launch or monitor those “console only” applications?
  • Training Users?
    Do you need to train multiple users in multiple locations quickly and inexpensively?
  • After Hours Maintenance?
    Are you stuck at the office waiting for system maintenance tasks to complete successfully so you can go home?
  • Remote Control UNIX and Linux TTY Sessions
    with DoubleVision Pro you can take control of any ssh, telnet, terminal, and console session. Quickly see the problem, take control of your user’s keyboard and fix it right away.
  • Log Off Users Remotely
    DoubleVision Pro allows you to see all the users logged into the server. Select the user you need to log off, view their session and exit them out of the application as if you were at their desk. No processes to kill and no corrupted databases.
  • Remote Control the Console
    DoubleVision Pro lets you control the console remotely. See the console screen and use the console keyboard from your keyboard just as if you were sitting in front of it.
  • Train Multiple Users At Once
    DoubleVision Pro allows remote users to connect to your system and view you allowing you to train multiple users simultaneously
  • Remotely Monitor Your Servers
    Use DoubleVision Pro to monitor those long running processes like database rebuilds or end-of-day processing. Start the process and leave. Use DoubleVision Pro to keep an eye on the process from anywhere.

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