Best Linux Remote Support. Here’s why.

multiplatform remote support
itivity, securely access and control your remote PCs, servers, Devices, and more...

Faster Response.
Nothing to download, install or configure. Access any system or device in seconds.

Always Ready.
Make your products support-ready and they will automatically “phone home” when turned on.

Any System.
Not all devices come with a mouse and keyboard. Remote support kiosks, specialty devices, and headless systems.

Integrated Remote Support Is Better.
iTivity is a remote support solution that can be tightly integrated into your product or solution. With iTivity you can remotely access and control your remote PCs, servers, and devices, transfer files, run remote applications, chat with end users, and more.

More Platforms.
Integrated design means virtually all platforms available.

Works Like You
Complete configurability provides ultimate flexibility in deployment, integration and use.

Less Expensive.
Pricing designed especially for integration drives the cost way down.

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