Direct Remote Access and Control of All Virtual Machines

The iTivity remote access solution provides secure remote access and control of virtual machines. The virtual machine guest OS implements an internal network interface that may not be visible to the local LAN and generally is not accessible over the Internet. Since iTivity is a software based solution with outbound connectivity to a central server, iTivity users have reliable access to any virtual machine across the Internet.

Automatic Access, Guest or Host

Simply install the iTivity Admin iAgent inside your virtual machine and configure it for always-on access. Whenever the virtual machine is rebooted, the iAgent will launch and establish an outbound connection to the iTivity iServer. You can access the iServer via the iTivity iManager and see a list of all connected virtual machines and physical systems.

Strong Security

iTivity can authenticate and authorize access to your virtual machines using standard enterprise mechanisms such as active directory, NTLM, PAM and passwd. The iServer maintains a central audit log showing who accessed which systems and when. All information exchanged with the virtual machine is AES encrypted for security purposes.

Your Platform

Through iTivity’s broad platform support, you can access any of the popular virtual machines. These include VMware, Virtual Server, Virtual PC, Linux Xen, AIX Advanced Power Virtualization (APV), Solaris Sparc Sun xVM and HP Integrity Virtual Machines.

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